Important Points To Watch Out For At QuiBids

Important Points To Watch Out For At QuiBids

If you're like me, you appreciate the value of good deals as well as the thrill of an auction. That's why I heartily recommend QuiBids to my friends who want to know how I great such great deals. You can score deep discounts on quality merchandise at this penny auction site. It's important to go in with your eyes open, though, so I always emphasize two points when I recommend these auctions.

1) It Costs Sixty Dollars To Sign Up

When you register with Quibids, you go through an account set-up process and enter your credit card details. Even though the site tells you three different times that they're going to charge you for an initial pack of bids, tons of users claim they get blindsided by this cost. The Better Business Bureau and other consumer advocacy sites are swamped with complaints from would-be bidders who weren't actually ready to pony up their money. That's why I always make sure my friends understand the cost of the registration. If you want to read more about Bid And Win On QuiBids you may click here for the website.

2) The "Buy It Now" Option Isn't A Good Deal

If you place bids on an auction and don't win it, the site gives you the option of buying it directly at full retail price. They'll even knock off the cost of the bids you placed. Sounds good, right? I have to explain to my friends that this isn't actually a smart way to shop. If you use "Buy It Now," the site's always going to use full retail price as its starting point. Then it'll deduct your bids, which are minimal even in heavy auctions.