Self Drilling Hollow Injection Anchor from sinorock

The Self Drilling Hollow Injection Anchor is comprised of a hollow threaded bar with an attached drill bit that performs drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation. The hollow bar allows air and water to freely pass through the bar during drilling to remove debris and then allow grout to be injected immediately
after drilling is completed. Grout fills the hollow bar and completely covers the entire bolt. Couplers can
be used to join hollow bars and extend the bolt length while nuts and plates are used to provide the required
tension.It has some features:
1 Drilling, anchor installation and grouting in single operation
2 Separate anchor installation or removal of casing and drill rods is not required
3 Similar installation methods for all ground conditions
4 Choice of drill bits for different ground conditions
5 Hollow core is used for flushing with air or water during drilling along with grouting the anchor tendon
6 Flexibility in length by using couplers
7 Ability to work with small drill rigs without casing in restricted headroom conditions
8 Enhanced corrosion protection available upon request.