Getting Great Photo Prints From Your Own Digital Camera


Step one to getting great digital image styles, is always to ensure you use a high quality digital camera.

Digital photos are gaining popularity over traditional film photos due to the features and convenience from the newer technology. In some cases it is even more inexpensive to print your own personal photographs at home rather than getting them to a developer or sending them in.

Here are some words of wisdom to make good electronic photograph prints in the home.

There are really 4 key elements to a great printed photo: Image, Printer, Ink, Paper. Each is part interrelated thus equally essential for success.

The image may be the starting point for an excellent photograph. There are many different camera types out there, however in general, megapixel picture will be needed at least 3.2 by you taking power. Some snazzy dslr cameras have 8 megapixels or more. The camera should always be set to the highest decision while taking the shots just in case you intend to make enhancements down the road.

Image transfer is essential! Don't just place the best pixel image at some paper, you may not enjoy a the outcome.

Often, too much of a pixel count can create unsightly jagged color changes in your photograph and waste a lot of your ink and time. Too little pixels and the photographs will turn out very grainy. It is frequently best to remain within the 200-300 pixels per inch range.

This data might help you determine your proper picture sizes.

Print Size : Good Results (200 ppi) : Excellent Results (300 ppi)


4x6 inch... 800 by 1200 px (~1 mpx)..... To compare additional info, please consider peeping at: macbook air 13 case. 1200 by 1800 px (~2 mpx)

5x7 inch... 1,000 by 1400 px (~1.5 mpx). 1500 by 2100 px (~3 mpx)

8x10 inch. 1600 by 2000 px (~3 mpx).... 2400 by 3000 px (~7 mpx)

11x14 inch. Macbook Air Case contains extra info about the purpose of it. 2200 by 2800 px (~6 mpx).... 3300 by 4200 px (~14 mpx)

16x20 inch. 3200 by 4000 px (~13 mpx)... 4800 by 6000 px (~29 mpx)



px = Pixels

mpx = Megapixels

ppi = Pixels per inch

(data collected from PC

Like, if you'd a picture taken with a 1.5 Megapixel camera, a 5x7 inch print is probably the largest size print that will work. Visiting macbook pro 13 inch case maybe provides tips you can give to your boss. Anything larger than a 5x7, may well not look good. For more information, please check-out: macbook air case 13 inch.

Nevertheless, if you'd an image taken with a Megapixel camera, you must certanly be able to print out a inch print with excellent results (300ppi), or even a good looking 16x20 inch print at 200 ppi.

Along with the digital camera image, there are certainly a few other factors that get into making good quality digital photos you'll want to take note of: Your printer, the ink cartridges you use, and the quality of the photo paper you use. Each component elements into your final result..