Occult Fiction: Novels For The Private Collection, Part 1

To get these novels I've concentrated my search criteria to black urban f... Discover more on books for reluctant readers by visiting our striking article directory. Visit book for reluctant reader to study when to consider it.

For decades complaints were heard by Ive about a lack of Occult fiction portraying Witches reasonably in a modern setting. And its true. As a and novelist writing Occult fiction, Im just as much a lover of any reader as the type. But, I've discovered if you search carefully, there are stunning treasures expecting development, books that ought to be part of your contemporary Occult fiction collection.

To locate these novels my search criteria have been narrowed by me to black downtown dream novels set in contemporary times or in the longer term. At the very least half the rituals, magick, or sorcery used by the main character must certanly be centered on true magickal concepts. The primary character should be individual, and the piece not overshadowed by cool leagues of skeletons.

Having set these instructions, I wish to present my first suggestion for must-read Occult fiction. If youve never read Lilith Saintcrows Dante Valentine line you are in for a delicacy all I will say is!

Saintcrow is most beneficial known for her paranormal love books, the Watcher series, presenting important Witches and their attractive adults. However, Dante Valentine was made from a totally different cut of cloth!

You can find five books in the collection. The very first two, Employed by the Devil and Dead Man Rising have been published. The past three books are planned for publication in 2007 and 2008.

Dante Valentine is really a Neocromance, who works for attorneys, elevating the spirits of the dead when wills come right into question. She also has a few bounty huntin