As the planner of the FIFA Globe Cup

Dr Theo Zwanziger ongoing by describing that the results of the various conferences would be collated into a review to be presented to FIFA 15 Coins PC the future FIFA Executive Panel meeting on 20-21 Purpose, describing possible tasks that FIFA could take on these problems.


“As the planner of the FIFA Globe Cup, FIFA understands its liability to look into human privileges problems in the variety nations of its leading occasion,” said Dr Zwanziger. “We will keep look into this matter and perform with all stakeholders so that possible and maintainable alternatives are discovered. The next phase, after essential conferences such as this one nowadays, will be posting a review to the FIFA Executive Panel.”


FIFPro Common Assistant Theo van Seggelen added:“As FIFPro, we are begin to continuing the conversation, as the cooperation with FIFA will hopefully enhance avoiding the same situation from happening later on.”