How to Use Silk Scarves as Hair Accessories?

Ionlyou womens scarves coupled with a comfortable and light to wear fashionable T-shirt and denim skirt, like the girl next door temperament. This is the most American-style headscarf tying method; it is fashionable and could be fixed hairstyle for sweet dream girl outside apperance. How to play the lady-like scarves hair accessories?

Step 6:
1, before styling spray on Shana fluid let the hair supple natural injection moisturizing ingredients inside from hair styling will be more type.
2, all the hair tie on the back of the head and ending the back of the head hair can use the tip and tail comb tip section parallel inserted into the hair tip and pull up.
3 take a long towel wherein the end of the first knot and towels position behind the left ear, the other end is pulled to the right ear of the rear.
4.The towel length is determined, the other end of the towel have to shoot a knot. To avoid tie hair will continue to move.
5 will kick down the ends of the scarf around the hair, and in the bottom and then tied the single-junction.
6, slipknot adjust to a biased position and tighten the scarf lines, to complete a simple scarf hairstyle.

In addition to doing the bow tie and headdress,neck scarves around the neck, scarves when the belt, ornaments beam at the waist and tied in bags, with its embellishment, feminine beauty is more varied and rich.