are great, [as are] the draw games, the stud games.�� ��With the Ante Only you had a unique format of hold��em. I felt there were some clear, undeniable mathematical strategy choices in order to play optimal. A lot of otherwise good players weren��t getting these, and so I felt it gave me a much bigger edge than the other no-limit events. It was also fun and different, something we weren��t used to.�� Personally, I��m [url=http://www.rikipoker.com]poker game[/url] familiar with the ��Ante Only�� concept, but I must admit I��ve never played such a tournament, neither live nor online. Still, I couldn��t help but wonder how it alters traditional no-limit hold��em strategy. That was something Raymer was willing to expand upon, in part by proposing changes to future Ante Only events. ��I didn��t like the WSOP event starting like it had been with 4,500 chips with a 25 ante