Troubleshooting Tips to Repair Furnaces in Calgary

It is an inconvenient experience if you get out of bed in a freezing home with a Calgary furnace that demands a repair service.

This may set off alarms as you envision wanting to deal with a cold Calgary winter season without any heat or needing to call a Calgary furnace repair service technician, and potentially shelling out a lot of money to really get your heater up and running once again.

Nevertheless, there are some things you might test on your own just before you pick up that phone. These are easy to perform and could perhaps save you a lot of money on an unnecessary service visit.

1. Power

When carried out, it is advisable to ensure that the furnace's power supply is on. Check your power breaker panel for the breaker which regulates the heater and make certain it didn’t get powered down in some way.

Normally, there is also a solar power switch (which is like a normal button light) in the mechanical room that is labeled as the furnace power. When this button isn't tagged (or either it is), it can be unintentionally powered down by someone that may think it's only a light button. Apparently, you may need to be certain it's on the correct position.

2. Door

A lot of modern furnaces have a door safety button meaning when the doors to the furnace aren't safely fastened, this can turn off power to the furnace as a safety precaution. That's why, you must check all the doors and ensure that they are fastened properly.

3. Air Filter

Air filters can be easily neglected, so they often result in furnace troubles. They clean up air that the furnace pulls in, heats up, and shoots out back into the house, would you like to make sure they’re being effective at their job.+

4. Thermostat

In the event the air filter is too clogged, not only will it be transmitting dirty air in to the house, it can easily make a furnace overheat and result in the furnace to automatically shut itself off. A quick glance will tell you whether it needs to be substituted. If the dirt buildup is apparent, swapping out the air filter could get your furnace back on track.

To fix your furnace in Calgary is more expensive than maintaining air filters.

Modern furnaces are highly responsive to clogged air filters and can turn off rather than keep running and risk the potential for severe harm. Even if a furnace does keep operating with a filthy air filter, it will be working below peak efficiency and output.

We, at Distinct Heating and Cooling, suggest replacing your filter every 2-3 months. This helps to ensure that your filter maintains your heating system clean and prevents unwanted wear and tear on the system’s parts.And also replacing your filter, examine its condition to make sure it’s not worn out or crammed with dust and debris when you switch from cooling to heating. If necessary, remove the old filter and install a new one.

Another item to check is the thermostat. Be sure to have new batteries in the thermostat. This really is one other thing that may be easily overlooked as you don’t usually have to change these batteries often. But, they're constantly being drained and it’s quicker to go out to the nearest drugstore where you can buy batteries and swap them out rather than call in a furnace repair tech.

Also, while you are checking on the thermostat, verify that it is set to HEAT. You may be thinking that it would obviously be set to heat in the middle of winter, but you don't know if your kids might have been pretending your thermostat is the control panel to the space station they're pretending to be on. It just takes a fast look and you might find that it somehow did get switched for some other setting.

And, finally with the thermostat, be sure that it's set to its preferred set point. This helps to ensure that the proper air temperature is maintained throughout your home.

Exhaust Pipes

When you have highly efficient furnace with exhaust pipes that run horizontally out the side of the home, you have to check the combustion air intake pipe and ensure it’s free of debris like snow or ice. A blockage such as this may cause the furnace to shut down automatically.

If you think that a heating and cooling expert should assess your heating system’s condition, call Distinct Heating and Cooling today or contact us through our website. We're always willing to help you with all your heating and cooling needs.