Crafts for special wedding vows

For most girls, they would image their wonderful and special wedding day sometimes. So am I. I like various crafts and I would image that my husband would buy multifarious crafts from China crafts suppliers and send it to me in my wedding day with different wedding vows. It sounds gorgeous!


For me, I don’t want the words cannot realize nowadays. Really it all boils down to this, doesn't it? You promise to subvert your needs, your wants, your goals and priorities, to those of your spouse. And he or she does the same for you. If you're both working for the other's happiness, earnestly and sincerely, then you're both going to be ridiculously happy? Here's the key though: It's not enough to sublimate you and be a virtuous martyr for his/her dreams to come true. You also have to allow your spouse to do the same for you. You have to be able to say "Okay!" when he says "Go!" To say "Thanks!" when she says "I don't mind" and trust that when it's your turn to reverse roles, you'll do the very same. I don’t think so. I just want my husband buy salable and personalized keychain and write the words I love you. That is ok! It's working for the common good. And if you can't say you'll do that, then "until we are parted by death" is just going to be a long, dull, sad life sentence. Maybe some of you would say that I am an idiot. But I like this idiot action as I got the reality from my husband. Love is not the expectations; however, we should focus it on the reality and make our future together. That is the true love at least.


Do you still want a diamond for your wedding vows? Okay, that is personality. No problem! Buying customized commemorative coins in China for my wedding vows is also great. I love it!