XL Axiata Shutter Three Million Users 4G

Jakarta - Mobile operators, PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL), targeting approximately 3,000,000 customers 4G services in 2015, while until mid-March has reached approximately 30,000 users.


"We are optimistic that this target is achieved, in line with the readiness 4G ecosystem in the country," said VP XL Jabodetabek Region, Titus Dondi, in Jakarta, Monday (16/3).


According to Titus, four prerequisites development of 4G, the ecosystem readiness network providers ( providers ), the availability of sophisticated mobile perangkan, 3G and 4G application content, as well as the increasing number of user communities 4G services.


He explains, interest XL 4G features different from when 3G was first launched about 8 years ago. "When it was first developed when 3G is not yet fully literate internet community. Now almost all people are connected to the internet, so it will be easier for 4G applications," he said.


Titus added, with readiness XL ecosystem created jaringgan performance so that it can deliver services, including fast internet, which can address the needs of customers and the community capitals.


"Now, in addition to the speed that can reach up to 100 Mbps in 4G LTE and reach up to 42 Mbps for HSPA + (H +), fast internet XL also has the advantage of the priority of the network and the traffic that will maximize access to the Internet, "he said.


Meanwhile, Act Chief Revenue & Customer Management XL, Rashad Javier Sanchez stated, now is the era of fast internet and XL has become a pioneer.


Especially for Jakarta, the growth of today's 4G service users has reached 30,000 users, since the 4G service launched in late October 2014.


Jakarta has more than 67 percent of the area which has a fast internet service quality, which can be enjoyed by customers.


"I estimate that less than 10 percent. Yesterday there was a total data services contribute approximately 30 percent. If the device ecosystem mature, usually within the first two years there will be a migration to 4G users on the carriers was about 25 percent," said Rashad.


XL 4G service so far already in Jakarta, other cities that have been able to enjoy 4G LTE XL is Medan, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and in the near future coming soon in Bandung.


Nationally, the number of data subscribers XL currently reaches approximately 30,000,000 subscribers and 16,100,000 of them are users of smartphones. XL also has a network infrastructure of optical fiber along more than 30,000 miles, as well as more than 52,000 BTS BTS (3G / 2G) are scattered in various regions in Indonesia.