Linen is a symbol of status and identity beyond seas

Linen is the oldest and earliest natural fiber that human used for textiles in the world. It is the one and only bundle plant fiber among kinds of natural fibers. Linen has a natural spindle structure and unique pectin bevel hole and that makes it absorbent, breathable, antibacterial, anticorrosion, low static electricity and other superior performances. So linen fabric becomes a good textile product which can breathe freely and that just profits from its superior performances. Linen is known as "fiber queen". And it is also worthy of the good reputation--“Natural air conditioner”. At general room temperature, wearing a linen clothing can make human body in the real sense of the temperature dropped 4 degrees to 5 degrees. Therefore, linen has become one of the most popular materials for clothing in the spring and summer. Linen is a kind of rare natural fiber and it only occupies 1.5% of all natural fibers in the world. So the price of the linen product is relatively expensive. In ages past linen was reserved for royalty and the very wealthy. Modern technology has made production easier and more streamlined, but in general this type of textile is still quite costly. In fact, beyond seas, linen is a symbol of status and identity.