The Importance of Education, With Dino Agbayani


The importance of education is unquestionable, says Dino Agbayani. The types of educational activities that may assist one in accomplishing their goals are nearly limitless. The value of higher learning, such as at a collegiate institution, can equate to higher salaries, and even, as some studies suggest, a happier life.


Having established a successful career as a traveling journalist with various major publications, including USA Today, Dino Agbayani has found that his track-record of educational success has translated into significant career accomplishments. During his time at the University of Hawaii, in Honolulu Hawaii, he spent many sleepless nights studying for exams, and perfecting his now highly recognized writing style.


Dino Agbayani has received international acclaim for his knack for investigating some of the most significant news stories known to man. He has always made the acknowledgment that his education has been a central part of his success.


For those who have dreams of becoming successful, in any profession, a quality education is likely a top consideration in terms of how best to achieve one's professional goals. Whether or not one attends a university, such as the prestigious University of Hawaii, or chooses to learn about their field while apprenticing, an education is essential towards accomplishing career goals.


Customers, clients, peers and colleagues all respect individuals who know what they're talking about. When not familiar with a subject that is inherent in the type of career field one is a member of, insecurities are sure to mount. Dino Agbayani says, insecurities are the enemy of success.