We are living in an era of extraordinary Cartier Watches represents a unique masterpiece of the concept of excellence

We are living in an era of extraordinary. Jewellery represents the Cartier an incomparable masterpiece: completely watchmaker and engineers from factories Cartier independent design, development and production, special limited series to ferrari sports car "LaFerrari" salute. Jewellery unprecedented opened 50 days power storing historical records, and the latest ferrari sports car function perfect match. At the same time, watch the 637 parts are made by Cartier production itself.

Whether from the technical or design perspective, Cartier Jewellery watch with the ferrari have the same excellent quality. Watchmaker, together with the ferrari team collaboration between the wrist and car common with each other. Movement in no less than 637 assembly parts, at the same time, carry the tourbillon movement, the inside of the 11 aligns the clockwork box as the spine and connected to each other, and won't affect, in turn, can support each other again at the same time, the dynamic storage can be up to 50 days, therefore, these characteristics is enough to make the pride of the wrist watch, watch of wrist of the concept of excellence.