Whenever a baby is born, he or she gets showered with adorable gifts. Not only the baby is special, but also the mother who gave birth to him or her. So, why not buy a gift for her too? Here are some useful and functional gift ideas for her.

Tote bags- New moms would need big and trendy bags to carry their babies requirements. Buy Tote bags for them. They would be grateful for that thoughtful gesture of yours’.

Baby supplies- You can ease the new moms’ task of raising their new borns by giving them baby products and supplies like baby soaps, bibs, baby clothes, baby lotions, pacifiers, baby foods, feeding bottles, etc.

Clothing- Babies, though cute and adorable, can create a lot of mess. Their moms would often need to change their clothing, bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, etc. These would therefore make excellent gifts.

Magazines- New moms would greatly benefit from the information provided in magazines related to child raising, parenting, baby care, etc. So, why not subscribe one of these for these? This gesture would signal them that you acknowledge their significant role in child raising.

Spa gift certificate- Post-delivery, a new mom’s body is tired and exhausted. Getting pampered at a spa can make her feel relaxed. So, get her a spa gift certificate. Else, you can also gift her a spa gift basket containing aromatic soaps, candles, scrubs, teas, bubble bath, etc.

Baby room furniture- If you can afford, consider buying baby room furniture like cabinets, cribs, high chairs, changing tables, toy boxes, etc.

Exercise equipments- It is natural for women to gain weight post-pregnancy. They would badly want to get back into shape. So, buying exercise equipments and post-natal workout training DVDs can be quite helpful for them in their weight loss agenda.

There are numerous other useful gifts too for new moms. By getting to know their needs, and by deriving solutions to their problems, you can come-up with various gift options for them.