My brief talk about garment industry

I cannot say that I know the garment industry very well or I can say some serious things about cloth design. To be frankly, I am just a buyer of jackets in winter from China jackets supplier. That is simple. However, today, I just want to talk about something about it.


In the morning, I met with several fashion designers who are my friends and I communicated with them some ideas about professionals. After the exchange of discovery, my opinion with these professionals is really very different. I seem look at the entire fashion industry is in backward. At best, they are only hovering in place still. Those most primitive elements, times and appeared in top fashion week, printing, building broad-based, knitting and embroidery, EGL style, etc., they all appear every year, which tired of watching it all. Every time we say go to buy fashionable and cheap windbreakers; actually, they are just the same design with different elements. In contrast, the professional friends don’t think so. They think that fashion things are generally tracked because they have been popular over before. They are basically regarded as the most common source of inspiration thing, so is unlikely to appear unable to predict the future version of the type, sensational innovation. After the talk, I think that maybe we have the different visions for the garment industry. So it is okay, we still can buy the cloth we like happy.


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