Successful Abortion by Cytotec

Nowadays there are many options for ending pregnancy completely, but the most preferred method all over the world is abortion pills. Cytotec which is also known as Misoprostol can be consumed at medical clinic or women can administer it at her home all by herself. The abortion pill procedure is selected over the complicated surgical process. The abortion performed alone by Cytotec is 96% successful but when combined with primary pill it is 99%.

Cytotec mechanism

Cytotec leads to a miscarriage like process aborting the pregnancy. It softens the cervix and makes it open, contracts the uterine muscle, and enables the pregnancy to expel.  Cytotec abortion pill comes in E1 prostaglandin class, which when used with the primary pill can completely end pregnancy from the uterus.

When to consider while consuming Cytotec for Abortion:
  • If a woman has inserted IUD device she should not consider consuming Cytotec abortion pills.
  • If the pregnancy is beyond nine weeks of pregnancy women should consider avoiding Cytotec consumption.
  • If the pregnancy is outside the uterus known as ectopic pregnancy then Cytotec cannot terminate such kind of pregnancy.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or smoking during the course of this course.
Utilizing Cytotec for Abortion

As mentioned, Cytotec can be used combined or alone for termination of pregnancy. Cytotec can be consumed orally or vaginally during early pregnancy. But it is recommended to consume it orally as it is more convenient. Take 4 pills of 200mcg and place it under the tongue and wait for 30 minutes for it to dissolve. Take another 4 pills in a 3 hours interval and place it under tongue and wait for 30 minutes to let it dissolve. Take another 4 pills after 3 hours and take it the same way.

Women can experience bleeding and cramping after the consumption of Cytotec within few hours. To ensure that pregnancy is completely successful take an ultrasound test. The pregnancy test should be done after 14 days of Cytotec consumption as the pregnancy test takes time to leave the uterus.

When not to use Cytotec for Abortion:

If women had any past history of liver heart intestine troubles women should consult her health care provider. If a woman has any allergies with E1 class prostaglandins medications, should preferably avoid taking Cytotec. If women had more than five pregnancies than previous uterus surgeries than she should better take advice from her health care provider.

Mild reactions of Cytotec:

Bleeding and Cramping are common reactions women will experience during the abortion by Cytotec. The bleeding can be in thick clots and the cramping can be severe in some cases. Women can take other anti biotic to manage the loss of blood and reduce the severe cramping pain. Other mild effects are nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain which disperse after few days.

How to get Cytotec?

Women can get easy access if they decide to buy Cytotec online as it is convenient and affordable. The Cytotec abortion pill online gives women the chance to end early pregnancy safely and non-invasively.