High Quality Wooden Cantilever TV Stands

In the grand scheme of things Cantilever TV Stands are relatively new to the market when you compare them to the more traditional TV units and TV cabinets of 20 years ago, that being said over the last five years or so they have done really well, benefitting from newer production techniques, and better quality finishes, meaning that there are some very good quality Cantilever TV Stands available to buy today, at very reasonable prices.

What is a Cantilever TV Stand?

Sometimes advertised as TV Stand with Mount, or More hints, they are exactly that, they are a standard TV stand, with a raised mounting bracket fitted to the rear of it, so that your television is secured to the stand rather than just sat on it?

So why buy a Cantilever TV Stand?

There are a couple of reasons our customers often cite when buying one of these:

1) They are looking for the television to be a little bit higher up to help give them a better viewing angle for the way the rest of the room is available

2) There is a perception that the it reduces the risk of young children knocking over expensive televisions, which is true as long as the display is properly secured to the bracket on the stand or cabinet

What options are there?

Starting at less than £100 there are clear glass models made with steel tubing for those on a budget. If you are looking for a top end model, and have a healthy budget then BDI USA do a cantilever adapter to fit all of their range of TV Cabintes ? check the model for details, as you?ll either want the BDI Arena 9970, or BDI Arena 9972 as your add on, BDI also offer a very sleek stand alone Cantilever TV Stand, the BDI Vista 9960 in a choice of finishes that would not look out of place in any commercial environment with its sleek elegant design.

If you are looking for a cantilever tv stand argoswith a difference then you may want to consider the Alphason Chromium 2 which is available in a number of different colours including red, blue, black, ivory, white and grey, anyone of which is bound to inject a bit of fun into your TV viewing area.

Probably our favourites, and by the same token, seemingly the most popular with our customers are the two designs from Jual Furnishings which are attractively priced at £299 and end up being a best seller every Christmas.

The Jual Furnishings JF210 is their newest design of Cantilever TV Stand and comes in a high quality Walnut finish, weighing in at around 40kg this is a very sturdy good quality item with a elegant, and possible also slightly quirky style.

The peoples champion though is the Jual Furnishings JF209 Cantilever TV Stand, this comes in a choice of two finishes, either oak or walnut, both of which are nicely set off by thick piano black glass shelves complementing the real wood finish of these popular items of TV Furniture

Hopefully having read this you will now be considering a Cantilever TV Stand, and were confident we have one to suit all tastes and budgets over at our website.