Justin Bieber may be the New Celebrity Spokesmodel For Calvin Klein Underwear

And on Tuesday it was revealed that Justin Bieber happens to be getting taken care of those toned abs as he is been named the star of new Calvin Klein campaign. G-III calvin klein 365 boxers brief underwear men grey white now possesses licenses for Calvin Klein and Guess males's and women's outerwear, Tommy Hilfiger fabric outerwear, London Fog and Pacific Trail. Calvin Klein stays one of the premier examples with this type of licensing agreement, as its income tripled after adopting such a marketing strategy. It may seem like a bit of a blast through the past, but blame Calvin calvin klein sale Klein and Giorgio Armani (among others) for the little time travel this wintertime. The continually Skinny jeans alllow for a good choose if you should be interested in a thing that does both, fit well, as well as look good, all simultaneously.

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