Nokia trials portable TV in Sweden

Nokia trials portable TV in Sweden

Today Nokia announced a brand new commercial DVB-H pilot in Stockholm with Teracom in Sweden. Nokia is providing Nokia N92 cellular TELEVISION devices and the Nokia Mobile Broadcast System 3.0 for the pilot that will last from October to December 2006 and includes 400 people. This poetic site URL has several interesting warnings for the inner workings of it. The task is just a co-operation between ATG, Boxer, Nokia, Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television/UR, Telenor and Teracom. If you fancy to dig up further on south fremantle physiotherapy, there are heaps of online libraries you might think about investigating.

The pilot players will be able to watch fourteen TELEVISION channels and listen to four radio channels inside the Stockholm city location, where a network is built for high quality indoor and outdoor insurance. The objective would be to evaluate what Swedish consumers think about commercial broadcast mobile TELEVISION.

ATG, Boxer, Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television will provide material for the pilot. The test will be provided using Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution 3.0, and mobile devices will be used by the pilot participants from Nokia, the Nokia N92. Teracom will be responsible for the system, the operating and broadcast of the platform.

We firmly rely on the mobile TV company as-well as in the ability of the DVB-H technology, and we are getting excited about delivering the entire potential and curiosity of broadcast mobile TV in Sweden, says Sigurd Leth, Multimedia Director for Nokia Nordic.

DVB-H technology suits active user networks, improving volume and quality. It offers the chance to customers to enjoy premium quality terrestrial digital contacts along with voice telephony and access to the internet all in a single device. Broadcast mobile TV offer new business opportunities for mobile service providers, information and broadcast infrastructure, companies and phone manufacturers in addition to technology providers. Visit bicton physio discussion to explore where to look at it.

This is actually the second cellular TV pilot in Sweden where Nokia is one of the main suppliers of DVB-H technology. The other day, Nokia announced a new agreement with TeliaSonera Sweden for a comprehensive DVB-H pilot process, including Nokia Mobile Broadcast System 3.0 and Nokia N92 portable TV devices, underpinned by Nokia's hosting and systems integration know-how. Browse here at image to read the reason for this view.

The feedback from different mobile TV pilots is encouraging. Effects from pilots on broadcast (DVB-H) mobile TV services amongst consumers in Finland, the UNITED KINGDOM, Spain and France have unmasked clear consumer demand for such services in addition to significant signals over future business models for industrial mobile TV services..Life Ready Physio Bicton
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