My favorite SMD 5050RGBW 72pcs/m LED Strip

I don’t know why I like her. It is the passion from my heart when I first saw it in the website. I know I could buy it from LED light supplier china. However, I just want to buy the best quality product for my home decoration. Thanks to the supplier online, I think I know how to find my favorite for my little home.


I am just in favor of its wonderful colors with its length. As far as I can see, SMD5050 RGB+W Flexible led strip is a kind of light with high output SMD5050. Of course, it has adjustable and cartable length with high brightness, low power consumption and long lifespan, which is available for customization and convenient for transportation, soft and flexible for any shape as required as well as suitable for a wide range of application and eco-friendly. Sometimes people will buy tube light from T8 LED tube light suppliers for their little home. For me, I still have the same passion for the LED strip light even though they may not be suitable in this place. For this kind of LED strip light, it has the following features. The product code is LP-F5050N12V12-72RGBW. Then we can talk about the exact features. 1. SMD 5050 LED is used as lighting sources. 2. The LED Q'ty is360pcs.3. Working voltage is DC12V .4.Cuttable length is every 6 leds. 5. IP20, IP54, IP67 for option in LED strip light. 6. Color like red, blue, yellow and green are available. 7. Working temperature and Storage temperature is 0℃ - 40℃


Don’t ask me why. I am just a girl and I like this kind of colorful things, especially for those colorful lights in home for a romantic situation. Coming and follow me to buy LED flexible light strip for your little girls.