Education and Creativity- Is the Connection Real?

Parents send their children to schools. But let us discuss why. To enhance knowledge, for inspiration, to get general awareness of things around us, to excel and lastly to cultivate creativity that has been naturally gifted to their children. Institutes and organizations that are related to education are there in the society to boost and promote the aforementioned values. But there has been certain transformations since the past years as these institutes are not serving their original purpose. Educational institutes have become more of just a building standing, incorporating thousands of students for money purpose. Hence, education is now a mere business and just a commercial activity to maximize profit. In the previous years the standard of education was classical in its nature, parents without any doubt used to enroll their students in a worthy institute so that their children can achieve the maximum educational attainment which is not the scenario in the current days. Rather than imparting education, parents feel concerned, which is natural for their children are worn out every single day rather than returning freshened up!

Jam packed schedule

Educational institutes were considered as a place where children of all ages and groups feel relaxed while education is imparted to them at the similar time. The purpose was to teach and coach the students while their minds are at peace and tranquil but now a days due to such increased pressure, children are drained and exhausted due to which their creativity is not at all boosted up. Their tight schedules constrain them to follow their passions in school and they only perform those activities which are already mentioned to them.

Lack of time

The concept of homework is considered as a blessing by some of the parents as it allows them to study and practice in their free time, but we fail to understand that this has resulted in young children being bashed and totally exhausted, physically and mentally. This has not at all motivated the students to carry out their own activities through which creativity is pumped up. The main reason of education is to inspire and allow students, by giving them a platform to achieve whatever they want to. How will these young minds innovate and bring about ingenuity when they have no time to spare at all? And whenever they do have time is spent by revising about the next day test or quiz.

The concept of memorization

The end of the year examination proves how these institutes have suppressed the abilities of these children, by allowing them to memorize the lectures they have learnt in class. As children are highly imaginative and their minds are constantly working, these institutes should be allowing the maximum opportunities for their innovation to boost up, which is so not the case as many students are seen remembering single English essay for their quizzes and tests.

Lack of healthy activities

Some of the institutes focus solely on the reading and writing purpose, which is not healthy. These students are offered less opportunities in terms of healthy activities which involves the co-curricular happenings. A suitable platform is not given to these children through which they can transfer their energy into something productive and artistic.

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