The online marketing of your business largely relies on your site’s exposure in the search engines. A few years before, obtaining that exposure depended largely upon seo services that concentrated on your site, and its inbound and outbound links. Even now, both are significant. However, Search Media Optimization (SMO) has completely turned- around the old concept of search engine marketing.


Earlier, a lot of search platforms for videos, wikis, blogs, news, forums and other kinds of social content were maintained by Google. Each of these operated as an independent search engine with its own set of natural listings. A few years before, Google launched the Universal Search system which blended the listings from each platform. Then, Bing and Yahoo too integrated systems similar to this. So, now the predominant index used is the Universal Search, under which all kinds of social contents get integrated into the natural listings. This has ended up in forcing off quite a lot of websites from the first search engine ranking page. This has made SMO, the latest buzz word in the online world.


The social networking sites including the Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are receiving higher ranking authority now-a-days; so social media marketing is highly preferred these days. SMO not only retains your current natural listings, but also capacitates you to get better search exposure. So, SMO has therefore become a distinct optimization technique.


Today, seo company India also offer SMO services that use different SMO techniques including maintaining a blog and continually publishing valuable information that engage visitors; constantly changing the appearance of your site in order to kindle the interest in your visitors; providing as many resource links as possible to your audience in order to attract inbound links; identifying audience in your niche in social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, and circulating informative contents among them; etc.