How To Make An Animation Movie With iKITMovie


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When animation is used for films or movies, each frame is produced on an individual basis. Frames can be produced using computers or photographs of images that are either drawn or painted. Frames can also be generated by altering a model unit in small ways and using a special camera to take pictures of the results.

Though the work of producing animated movies and cartoons can be intense and laborious, computer animation can make the process much faster. Computer technology is steadily improving, and professionals are able to create life-like characters using computers and special animation software. However, skilled animators are still necessary for producing quality animations. After all, computers are not yet capable of making artistic choices and bringing real passion to simple images.

To create a stop motion animation, you need a webcam or a basic digital camera (preferably mounted on a tripod for stability) and any video editing software (like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie, etc)


Step1 : Open your iKITMovie program (making sure your webcam is connected and working)

Step2 : Choose your preferred resolution for capturing your images. Its best to use 640x480 pixels if your camera can handle it!

Step3 : Lighting is essential - so make sure your desklamp or even better desklamps are on and directed downward on your object that you want to animate.

Step4 : Make sure you turn off your auto White balance feature on your camera and ensure that you focus either manually or digitally (depending on the camera you have). Now start taking snaps moving the object bit by bit for each frame and enjoy.

Bonus Tip: If you like your characters to jump in the stop-motion animation video, attach them to a thin wire and lift the wire a few centimeters in each