Tips for choosing a better plywood for home decoration

Some friends of mine recently told me some little tips about how to buy better plywood for home decoration. They said they have learned from plywood supplier in China. Today, I want to share with you guys at my convenience. Do you want to listen it now?


Some of the plywood, you can draw the obvious scratches with a nail gently stroke. Surfaces of these plywood posted polychrome paper, gorgeous paper plates with poor wear resistance. Professional manufacturers will use thicker and varnished high temperature and pressure treated green melamine panels with high surface strength, abrasion resistance, and scratch. Then we can see another question which can be showed in the market of block boards wholesale China. Professional manufacturers use precision panel saw cutting boards with no chipping around the plate. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment with the characters of cutting rough and surrounded by clear chipping phenomenon. Some of them even cut corners and make the front side of the sealing plate only. No sealing surface is easy to absorb moisture in the air, causing sheet expansion, resulting in deformation of the closet, affecting life. Under these two situations, we should pay high attention to the usage of the plywood as home decoration is so important for us.


Of course, if you want to buy best mdf wood in China; then you can consider the above factors too which is useful when you need them.