Cure from arthritis by homeopathy treatment.

Cure from arthritis by homeopathy treatment.

Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy. MD(Hom) is a well experienced globally recognized homeopathic physician treating patients from more than 65 countries and has an excellent track record of cure rate more than 92 % in different diseases. Many critical non curable cases like brain tumor, cancer, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchial asthma, thalassemia few from the long list of the diseases has been successfully cured by his modern, scientific, and advanced approach of homeopathy treatment.

Arthritis refers to joint disorders that involve swelling, soreness and redness of one or several joints. There are different types of arthritis which include: reactive arthritis, septic arthritis, stills disease, psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid and osteo are the most popular types of arthritis. Stiff and limited movements of the joints are the most frequent symptoms of any type of arthritis.

Signs and Symptoms of arthritis:

- Body ache and fever in case of septic and rheumatic arthritis.

- Malformation of the joints happens in rheumatoid arthritis.

- When walking, there are crunching sounds of joints in osteoarthritis.

- Inflammation.

- Limited movement of joints.

- Rigidity and pain.

There are no side effects experienced during homeopathic treatment in arthritis patients. The treatment has a beneficial and long lasting impact. Additionally, this cannot be termed as hypothesis, as studies have shown that the remedies have yielded results in arthritis patients. Taking the right dosage reduces stiffness and pain of the joints. Likewise, this treatment has revealed to be effective in the control and management swelling and other symptoms associated with the ailment. Unlike other treatments that offer relief for short while, homeopathy treatment guarantees a long-lived cure.

Immediately the patient begins to experience improvement in their condition, homeopathic medication can be reduced or stopped. Even though it is impossible to reverse the permanent pathological tissue changes using any form of medication, correct homeopathy treatment for arthritis has the ability to provide long-lasting and good improvement when it comes to swelling like symptoms, stiffness and pain. To add to that, it minimizes the deterioration of the condition. In order to live a healthy life it is advisable to go for correct homeopathic treatment for any form of arthritis. Some of the best homeopathy treatments for arthritis include:

Bryonia - This remedy is very useful for inflammation and tearing with throbbing pain as well as stiffness, which is accelerated with the slightest movement. The condition develops gradually and worsens during cold dry weather. Discomfort increases as result of any movement, being bumped or touched. Pressure result to relief when the area is stabilized and improvement after resting. An individual will desire not to be interfered with and remain completely still.

Arnica- This remedy is ideal for chronic arthritis comprising of a feeling of soreness and bruising. The painful areas will worsen after being touched or moved. Herbal Arnica ointments and gels may also assist to relieve arthritic pain after applying on external areas of soreness and inflammation.

Calcarea fluorica- This treatment is often signaled when pains improve with motion and heat. The joints become hard and enlarged, nodes and deformities develop. Arthritis that results after chronic injury can also be cured using this remedy.

Rhododendron- This remedy is strongly manifested if soreness and swelling come up before a storm, and continues when the weather clears. The symptoms are aggravated by dampness and cold. Discomfort increases after staying still for long or just before morning.