Used truss displays supplier from China

We use aluminum and steel for the different truss products we carry. Both have their own advantages. Hollow tube steel for example can have graphics attached with magnets, yet still be lightweight enough for affordable shipping. Aluminum used truss displays is lighter weight than steel and because of this; larger tube cords (2") & wire webbing can be used. This helps make it stronger for heavier weight loads.
Standard exhibit spigot truss is used for a large variety of purposes. For trade shows, truss is used as accents to a trade show display or as the full display itself, utilizing the many options to create high impact exhibits. For the retail industry, truss can hold banners, create settings and display products. In fact, our custom truss has been used in hundreds of different ways to display anything from sun glasses to industrial equipment. In the entertainment industry, stage truss is the standard for holding lights and equipment on sets and the stage. Churches use truss for some of the same reasons. We have even sold a truss system to be used as a model of an emergency vehicle for training purposes at a major university. Another time, we used stage truss to display games and monitors for a major game industry retailer. Any time structure and framework is needed in a display, truss is a worthy choice.

Found in 2001,RK is a truss display supplier from China,which has three manufacturer based in Taishan,Dongguan,Foshan respectively with more than 1000 employees. With 15 years of experience in audio and staging business,as well as continuously creative new production,RK's products have been up to the international standards. If you want to buy steel truss displays or do some stage business,don't hesitate,welcome to our website.