Broken man "hardness" culprits

Mental stress.By high strength and fast-paced way of life in modern society, the influence of middle-aged men suffered a great deal of work, life and social pressure.According to the world health organization investigation, 60 to 75% of middle-aged men in the sub-health state, which accounted for about 60% of middle-aged people of 40 ~ 59 years old.The expert points out, the cause of middle-aged men sub-health for fatigue, poor sleep, decreased immunity, etc.In a bad mood, mental pressure is too large, especially in the extreme anxiety, sorrow, terror, depression and despair, that male erectile function will be affected by significantly, even completely lost.
  Bad way of life.With the people in long-term smoking, the incidence of ED about 60%.Heavy drinking can cause systemic vasodilation, easy cause erectile difficulties, even if reluctantly erection will soon ejaculation, erection opportunity again.Chronic alcoholism caused by long-term drinking of men, the incidence of ED as high as 50%.In addition, unbalanced nutrition intake, lack of sleep and taste for coffee, cola, tea and other irritants, and so on will interfere with the transmission of sexual impulses.
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