7 Tips to Care for Your Liver

Caring for your liver is pretty simple, provided you know how. Then be it following the right diet, exercising or taking in quality supplements for the liver, everything can work in favor of your liver health when done correctly. So, to make it simple for you, mentioned below are 12 tips to help you care for your liver:


1. Maintain A Healthy Weight
It has been estimated that out of the total obese population, about 30% people are going to suffer from fatty liver disease, which will increase their risk of developing liver scarring, liver cancer and liver failure. This can happen if you carry excessive weight around your middle, where insulin resistance can lead to fatty liver disease. Therefore, it is important for you to maintain a healthy weight.


2. Reduce Your Fat Consumption
High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are the common symptoms of fatty liver disease. You can however maintain normal cholesterol and blood levels by reducing your fat consumption. Of all the fats you eat, make sure you only consume unsaturated fats. In case a low fat diet is not working for you, consult your health care provider to seek medication or supplements for liver.


3. Resist Fad Diets
All sorts of fad diets which claim to make your weight yoyo can actually burden your liver to a great extent. So, resist diets or products that promise excessive amounts of weight loss in unrealistic time gap. Such diets generally deprive your body of essential nutrients that is certainly not good for your health.


4. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption  
Avoid taking alcohol and in case you have to then take it in moderation. Sensible alcohol consumption is critical for your liver health and while alcoholism is much common amongst men, women are more susceptible to develop adverse effects of alcohol on their liver.


5. Get Regular Blood Tests Done
Blood tests are a great way to monitor exact cholesterol, glucose and fat levels in your blood, all of which are related to fatty liver disease. Having high levels of glucose is a sign that you may be suffering from impaired glucose tolerance or even diabetes. Therefore, you need to take in medications or supplements to support liver health and enhance its function.


6. Avoid Smoking
Smoking has been related to development of liver cancer. In addition, smoking can also enhance the toxic effects of various medications, such as Paracetamol on the liver. So, give up on your smoking habits and get prepared to experience surprising health benefits.


7. Always Consult Your Doctor
Taking medication on your own call or mixing different medications without consulting any professional is never advised. This applies to all types of over the counter drugs and supplements formulated for the liver.  There are certain medications which make the liver to work extra in order to metabolize. This means taking too much of this medication can harm your liver. In fact, there are certain herbal liver supplements that can again negatively affect your liver. So, it becomes even more important for you to talk to your health care expert before taking any medication. 


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