Work With A Criminal Defense Attorney To Prove Your Innocence

Much of the criminal defense lawyer's time is spent waiting around courts for their client's case. Locate an attorney with a successful track record of representing his clientele.

You've been arrested for a DUI or other criminal offense. You are told you have a right to have an attorney represent you if you wish. What will you do? People often think that lawyers are over priced and unnecessary. After all, anyone can represent themselves in court, right? Of course that is correct, but is it really the wisest course? Before deciding if you should represent yourself or hire an attorney, you should consider the following facts.

At that initial consultation, there are several questions you should ask. You should especially try to be well informed if you think you will have a problem with paying for a private law professional. Asking about the cost is a good start. You should also ask about charges for the crime for which you have been accused, whether to plead a certain way, and even how you can avoid having the crime put on your record.

For example, what toll is taken, when you lose a case and must watch an innocent man be sent to prison? I would seriously doubt, that any amount of cash would be sufficient to fill the void of losing that type of battle. The burden of having a man's life in your hands, and failing to release it from the cold grip of incarceration, when the person was free of wrong doing. Well, that battle is precisely the one that Mr. Mickey Haller faces in this here legal novel.

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