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three weeks once the outbreak in Raccoon Metropolis, Alice has been taken to your Umbrella facility in Detroit. She wakes from stasis inside of a tank, without any memory in the outbreak or perhaps the Hive. It is discovered that Dr. Sam Isaacs reanimated Alice which has a new pressure in the t-Virus which gave her telekinetic talents, making her Umbrella’s most productive experiment. When asked about her identify or any indicator from the incident, Alice’s Reminiscences return and he or she responds, "My identify is Alice. And I don’t forget everything,". She attacks Dr. Isaacs and his workforce, demonstrating her new-found abilities; when an Umbrella guard shoots her by using a Taser, she remains unharmed from the electrical present and employs the weapon against It really is wielder by tossing the wires again at him.

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In September, she experiences to the CIA of "suspicious data site visitors" in between Nikoladze’s deputies. A day afterwards she sends Nikoladze’s encrypted documents for NSA analysis, but her ask for was unprocessed.

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Alice was as soon as an Umbrella security operative positioned in the mansion to safeguard the Hive’s emergency entrance. Alice was married to Spence Parks; having said that, it absolutely was uncovered to be a faux so as to secure the secrecy in the Hive’s existence. The Hive

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The group arrives at city corridor, unaware that Big Cain has intervened with Dr. Ashford’s strategy. He captures Alice and the Some others and requires to determine a demonstration of Alice’s capabilities against the Nemesis. He points out that Alice was special and tailored towards the adjustments from your t-Virus, in contrast to her counterpart. Alice refuses to battle until eventually Cain shoots Dr. Ashford and threatens to get rid of Every person else if she continues to object. She fights Nemesis until finally she gains the upper hand and impales him on a pointy steel object. Throughout the fight, she experiences a flashback that reveals the Nemesis in fact is Matt Addison, who were subjected to Umbrella’s experiments along with her. Cain orders Nemesis" speedy execution, but Alice refuses the order and also the give to rejoin the Umbrella corporation at his facet.

From the film Alice encounters flashbacks as her memory returns. She meets sure milestones within the Hive’s laboratories. Certainly one of her initially flashbacks take place when she very first fulfills with Spence (who is additionally struggling exactly the same Unwanted side effects as her). Nevertheless Doing the job for Umbrella, It is really uncovered she was willing to expose Umbrella’s experiments to convey the organization down.