Real Estate :: Searching Investment Properties The Easy Way

Finding investment properties at a time a lot of people are discovering real estate investing can be a headache. The competition among veteran and neophyte real estate investors is heating up. And to be able to beat competition, you must always be first when finding investment properties. Here are some tips that will help you search houses faster:

Drive around the area where you want to buy properties. Many owners cannot afford to advertise their properties. That is why they simply put up "for sale" signs in front of the property. Despite the presence of other forms of advertising, some people still prefer this old method of selling houses. Apart from "for sale" signs, you should also be on the lookout for abandoned properties. If you see one, inquire about it and chances are it is being sold at a bargain price.

Let someone do the work for you. You can offer a "finder's fee" for other people who will then scour the area for possible investment properties. There are people who actually scout properties for a living.

Check newspaper advertisements from a few weeks ago. Call the numbers to see if the properties are still available. If they are, chances are these properties are now cheaper since they were first put up for advertising. You can also try calling old "for rent" ads. If those properties are still vacant, the landlord might consider their sale. This is another chance to score a quality but cheap property.

Advertise yourself. If you can't find properties for sale in the local paper then let sellers find you. Advertise your contact number in the classified ads. This will probably generate a few calls. The better way of advertising, however, is online. Websites that are frequently visited by house sellers offer online advertisements. While such ads are expensive, there are websites that offer this service for free. Amon