Coaxial flexible cable is refers to the two concentric conductor

Coaxial CabLe is often used in the connection between the device and equipment, or used in main line network topology.Is a copper wire, the center of a coaxial cable with a layer of insulation materials, in the outside layer of insulating material is composed of a hollow cylindrical reticulated copper conductor package, the most outer layer is an insulating layer.It compared with twisted pair, coaxial cable, shielding performance is good, strong anti-jamming capability data transmission is stable, the price is cheap, and it need not connection can be used on a hub or switch.


Coaxial flexible cable is refers to the two concentric conductor, the conductor and shield and share the same axis of cable.The most common type of coaxial cable is composed of insulating material separation of copper conductor, is another layer of the outside of the layer insulation ring conductor and an insulator, and then the whole cable made of PVC or teflon materials sheath around.