What are the health care functions of linen?

Linen has two main health care functions that really do good to our human body.
Firstly, it has a unique role to control bacteria.
Linen belongs to hidden fragrant plants, and it naturally gives off a faint fragrance. Experts believe that this smell can kill many bacteria, and it can inhibit a variety of parasite growth.
Scientific experiments prove that: linen has remarkable bacteriostasis, especially for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, albicans Saccharomyces and else international standard strains, and the inhibitory rate can reach above 65%. It is worth mentioning that the inhibition rate of linen on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bead is more than 90%.
Secondly, linen can protect the skin from UV damage.
As known to all, long-term ultraviolet irradiation will damage the human body. While the hemicellulose is the best material for ultraviolet absorption, and linen just contains this kind of special material. Hemicellulose is actually not yet mature cellulose, and it is vital for a strong UV absorption capacity. So when you put on the linen clothing, you can enjoy the unique anti ultraviolet function of linen.