Review on EOBD2 ELM327 WIFI for IOS device

Hi guys,

I just want to share what I did today. I ordered an OBDII ELM327 scanner off EOBD2.FR to pair with my iPhone 5 and just got it this morning. Overall I am very happy with the product. Tested it on my 07 Accord LX V6 straight away and everything went well.

I only use it with my Accord, but theoretically you can use it with any OBDII compatible vehicle. I know some people have this to pull codes from Toyota, BMW and even Porsche. The one I got is a WIFI version and that will work with both Android and IOS system. For me, ELM327 WIFI is just fine.
Here are some pictures of how it works
I have not tried it on other devices except my phone, but according to the manual book, it should be able to work on iPad and iMac. If you do not have an IOS device, there are other options – ELM327 with Bluetooth or USB.

Anyways I highly recommend this product! It is also very fun to use. If you have a check engine light, this will be your friend. It can read an erase trouble codes and much more. Hope it can help someone. Here is the link: