The American culture is the culmination of all cultures due to immigration and colonization of the continent in the early 1600s. The Native Americans

The Native American culture has a deep influence on the western decor notions with assortment of symbols representing this decor. For instance, it is considered as a high honor for Native Americans to get a heart feather when given as a gift to someone with the individual receiving the present symbolizing honoring an individual 's esteem, love and also a signal of providing gratitude.

Items including Native American drums add to the western style home decor or for playing in a drum circle. These natural hand held drums are made of wood cut from a downed tree trunk that may be of a pine tree and goatskin rawhide is used due to the unique stretching and sound quality. These hand held drums adds great character to the home and environment when put on the wall in a cabin or lodge to enhance the rustic decor outlook. The other item that brings in a feeling of western home style is decorating the house is the Native American bows and arrows which are timeless cultural icons and perfect for pastoral southwest design and decor.

The very best time to purchase the items and accessories or products depicting the authentic western cowboy design is during the Trader's Day that is celebrated on the National Day of the American Cowboy. On this very day, the western interval merchandise sellers assemble for selling a wide selection of Western inspired items which includes ranch, supplies, classic spurs, western saddles, leather items, vintage pistols, cowboy crafts and several other things that depict the native American culture rich in western motifs. The western home style also includes the pastoral lighting fixtures and western design lights for indoor, outdoor, bathroom, dining room and other rooms of the home. The antler chandlers are primary lighting fixtures that bring sophistication to the rooms specially when fixed in living room and dining room.

The other popular western accessory is the Cedar crest ceiling fans that's both a sensational