Company Portal Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 features for consultant

Microsoft Dynamics GP is new title for Microsoft Great Plains and first wave of former Microsoft Project Green. You probably have the impression that Microsoft is using all of the pair of its technologies:.Net, MS SQL Server, Sharepoint, Visual Studio, Active Directory, MS Exchange, XML Web Ser-vices. Identify further on amazon microsoft surface case by browsing our telling site. The fact that Microsoft has many ERPs: Microsoft Great Plains / Dynamics GP, Microsoft Navision / Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Axapta / Dynamics AX, Microsoft Solomon / Dynamics SL, Microsoft CRM / Dynamics CRM makes the Project Green conclusion direction to turn to the thin client program while the link between database structures of ERP solutions. Company Portal understands this tactic. Microsoft idea goes deeper, however the structure of small report determines the guidelines of genre.

From R-eporting & Analysis to Deals Entry. Microsoft has intelligence and power to launch technical solution not-as a technical solution it-self, but also as a probe to-be the future market information. Have a look at eConnect, primarily designed for e-commerce developers to hook up with Great Plains items Customer, Sales Order, Invoice. Now eConnect will be the middle association level for Dynamics GP, Integration Manager and Business Portal. Original notion of traditional (non Microsoft) Business Portal of 1990th was primarily r-eporting and analytics. When Microsoft introduced as Web Interface the theory to move transactions to-the net became popular MS CRM

From Analysis to Work-flow. The idea of Microsoft as we see it is to produce it invisible for the user to judge where's say, Microsoft CRM, Business Portal or where's Sharepoint. Sharepoint may be the platform for document and workflow management, and being incorporated into Business Portal it can contend with standard workflow management tools, such as IBM Lotus Notes Domino.

Hr. Probably, if you're customer you dont need to pay full price for concurrent user license if the user is your production or service employee, in this case you must purchase relatively low priced Business Portal user license and use employee home service.

eOrder luck. To discover more, please consider looking at: amazon surface rt case. eOrder was legacy IIS solution and it'll be rewritten in.Net web services platform. To compare more, please consider peeping at: amazon surface case.

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