Temporary hair chalk? - Forums

Hi there, i know this is mostly for actual dyeing, but i want to ask some questions on hair hair chalk chalk and have help if possible . if not thats alright.

so, my hair is naturally a dark brown. ive had it bleached and then toned blonde and i loooove the colour. but for fun, i would like some funky colours too... but, i also straighten my hair,and leave itlike that for a week.

becuase of that, im worried that hair chalk would stain my hair. if i straighten my hair, use the chalk, and leave it like that for lets say, 4 days, will it stain? im honestly terrified of that. around the 5th or so day of leaving my hair straight, i wash it out since it does get progressively oily after leaving it like that for a long time. im afraid that my flat ironed hair, along with the oils, would hold on to any colour from hair chalk.

so, do you think it would stain? i want whatever would give the best results and come out the easiest/be the most temporary. i mean if it comes down to it, i could just test hair chalking a small strand if it stains, then ill cut it out.

thank you! (: