Random stuff

Random stuff

(i don't know why i chose that picture,but its coolcool)

My day is boaring.

Study,study,study.... Is the only thing i've been doing all along.Since exams are comming up in like 5 days i have to practice and practice and blahblahblahblah... I don't like doing stuff like that,but i like school in some kind of ways.

I woke up at 07:45 am and couldn't sleep anymore and i didn't want my mother to know i was up,sow i staid in bed doing nothing than siting on my phone. Yeah,i know. I'm a phone obsessed. And i like a lot of things on the internet. I'm also social-awkward sometimes.If i don't know you i'll be sow dang shy. Okay,i'm OVERreacting,but i really would be shy. I'm not going to stutter. Nah... I never thought that blogging would be this fun. Writting your own idea's,your feelings and shit.

I hope to have people who will want me as a friend. I can be the stubborn and irritating piece of shit that i am,but i can also be a very good friend. I love all my friends,even if we don't speak alot to each other. I still love them. Just like family.laugh I remember on the schoolfeast of 2012. Me and my 'sister'-i call her that çause i see her like one of my sisters- were doing all kinds of childish games together and we even won a game of more than six meters long!

I don't know abour her why her favorite number is six,but i do know why mine is six. I came to a new country when i was six,i got my firts stuffed animal when i was sixheart. We wanted to play the game,but it was around 6 pm and we had to go home already. And since that day we where bestfriends! We almost everything together! As if fate was on our side we had desame dentist,desame classes,desame choises. I was loud she was shy. I'm stubborn she is not. I still wonder how we are bestfriends. Don't hear me judging our friendship!! Its actually the best thing that came over me. We have been bestfriends for like 3 years now. Ever since june 8 2012 we had ONLY 1 huge fight that almost thore us apart. But we made it. laugh cliche,right. 


Well,this was my first post of the year/month/day/hour...-A