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This manufacturer of non-abrasive plastic blast media used in mold cleaning and in cryogenic deflashing has introduced a mold cleaning system. A motorized work car with weight capacity of up to 3,000 pounds carries the mold into and out of the cabinet. In most cases, the mold cleaning operator is said to manually push the cart in and pull it out, causing extreme strain, according to the company. This is said to have been alleviated by the motorized work car which is now offered as standard equipment and at the same price level as the former manual work car machine. Also, the system comes standard with a dust and media tray under the track system that is said to eliminate the accumulation of media on the floor around the track and cabinet. This is said to save the customer money from being able to reclaim media instead of sweeping it up and discarding it. Additionally, the side door creates a positive seal to eliminate dust blowing out of the cabinet. (Maxi-Blast, 3650 N. Olive Rd., South Bend, IN 46628)

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