Play Cornhole At Your Next Party by Dave Roth

A lot of people throw parties today, but many of them run out of games to play and things to do. In addition, too many people today seem to think that a party involves alcohol and nothing else. There is certainly nothing wrong with responsible adults having a drink or two at a party, but there are many more things to do that can be a lot of fun. For parties that are held outdoors in nice weather, there is the cornhole game. Some people also call this game the beanbag toss or a similar name, but the game is basically the same, with only a few small variations. The cornhole game is very popular at parties in some areas of the country, but there are other places where it is almost unheard of.

For those who do not know what cornhole is or how to play it, the game is very simple and can be played by almost anyone of any age or skill level. In order to play, a cornhole set can be purchased, or one can be made. Most people, though, choose to buy one because making one can be time consuming and difficult if the right tools are not used. The board used for the cornhole game is usually made of wood, although they can be purchased in plastic as well. It has a hole in it, through which small bags are tossed from a specific distance. Originally, the bags were filled with corn, hence the name cornhole. Now, however, the bags are generally filled with small beans or even hard plastic pellets. As long as the bags are the proper size and weight, the filling material is not that important.

The bags are tossed, with the object being to get them through the hole in the board to earn points. Bags that do not go through the hole but that remain on the board without falling off also earn points, but not as many. So many people like this game because it is so easy to play. Young or old, most people can play the game and enjoy it. It does not take excessive skill, the rules are not difficult, and the game is not dangerous. The bags that are tossed in the cornhole game are very soft, and the boards do not usually have sharp edges. This helps make the game safe for even very young children to play. Because the cornhole game is so family-oriented, more people are using it as a party game.

The game should be played outside, so nice weather is needed. However, the cornhole game is perfect for barbecues, backyard parties, birthdays, tailgating, and any other get-together where there is a nice day and ample space to play the game. One of the biggest advantages of the cornhole game over other backyard games is that the cornhole board is small enough to be easily stored, and it will fit in the back of a truck or in the trunks of many larger cars. There is also a smaller version of the board which will fit in virtually any car trunk, making the game very versatile.