Philippine Apart-Hotels or Condotels being an Investment


In the Philippines it's not merely that condos are relatively cheaper and somewhat more easy to keep than a single-family home. In recent years, they have become the leading residential investment and the most effective might be yet ahead states Beth Collingz, International Sales Director, PLC International, the guide marketing partners for Pacific Concord Properties Inc's Lancaster Make of Condo-hotels.

Collingz said in accordance with her re-search into Philippine residence values, since 2000, mid industry condos in Metro Manila have increased in importance 120 percent, at an annual fee of 17.14 percent compared to new homes rising some 25 percent since 2000 or 3.57 percent a year and resale homes rising 20 percent since 2000 or 2.85 percent a year.

The mean price for a current studio typ-e condo in Metro Manila is about $53,000 for 2007, up some 5-5 percent from $34,000 in 2005 though middle range property prices in the $90,000 range for 2007 are just up some 8 percent from $84,000 in 2005. Identify further on our favorite related site - Click this website: in english.