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SHENZHEN, China October 2-6, 2006 -- Chinavasion Wholesale Co. Ltd. announced to-day the appearance of the latest e-lectronic device. I learned about water invoice audit review by browsing newspapers. MP4 Player Watch - It is a wrist watch which may play videos and MP3 music. Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd. In case you want to learn more about business water suppliers investigation, there are many libraries people should think about investigating. Gives no minima order quantity on this high-tech piece and is inviting imports global.

This tiny little system offers a media exp...

Whole-sale Electronics Business Produces New MP4 Watch As Their Hottest E-lectronic Gadget. To read additional information, we understand you take a look at: visit my website.

SHENZHEN, China October 26, 2006 -- Chinavasion Whole-sale Co. Ltd. announced today the appearance of these latest electronic gadget. MP4 Player Watch - It is a wrist watch which may play MP3 music and movies. Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd. offers no minima order quantity with this high-tech item and is appealing imports global. Browse here at the link read business water leak detection to learn the purpose of it.

This tiny little device offers a media experience included in fully functional watch. 'We are already offering many models of Wholesale MP4 Players and Wholesale MP3 Player Watches, but this one will definitely turn into a craze this Christmas season.', Rose Li explained, Public Relations Director of Chinavasion.

Cheap Whole-sale Electronics direct from China attracted already many people from all around the world. With new developments like these new MP4 Player Watches Chinavasion seeks to help importers in virtually any place quick access made-in-china e-lectronic products.

Chinavasion's Watch MP4 Player Specifications:

-- Memory: 256MB - 2GB thumb memory

-- 1.5 inch true color display, high definition 128*128 pixel picture

-- MP3 Player built-in

-- Supports MP3, WMA and MP4

-- Supports JPEG format for showing picture

-- 8 hours carry on playing music

-- Supreme quality digital report

-- Earphones involved

The 2 GB version of the MP4 Watch can be found here:

Ac-cording to Rose Li these media watches are developing a excitement now around the sites and tech-forums. 'These MP4 Watches are the newest era of MP4 Players and we are proud to function as the first wholesale supply to supply the products direct here from China within our online wholesale shop.', Li said.

L-i added that Chinavasion offers discount pricing on small volume orders, letting every importer to enjoy the inexpensive wholesale e-lectronic prices. On line market sellers, such as for instance EBay power sellers, have found the simple buying process a powerful method to import small pockets of technology services and products with no need to invest in share and large warehouse space.

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