The British Leave Home-in Record Numbers to Live Overseas


Beth Collingz, Overseas Sales Director, PLC International Marketing Net-works, for Pacific Concord Properties Incs Lancaster Brand of Condotels inside the Philippines explained a closer look at the figures released by the UKs Office for National Statistic confirmed that of those who left last year 196000 were British citizens while 189000 were long term migrants who'd been residing in the UNITED KINGDOM for greater than a year.

The unexpected emigration figures begs the question why are people leaving in such numbers. Surprisingly it seems that one of the main reasons for the British to pack their bags is the British climate. Get extra information on a related link by navigating to understandable. Sun deprived Brits have had a really wet summer and the grey skies that are designed to be blue have scarcely seemed

Collingz advises: Brits are aware of the concept that we only have two times - winter months and July. It appears that in 2013, with all the bad weather we have experienced in July and all through the summer, lots of people aren't prepared to sit through a winter.

Recent research from PLCs UK clientele discovered that good climate is just a key reason customers give for retiring to the Philippines. Some 60 per cent of buyers for our Lancaster Condotel models told us that the climate is one of the main attractions for retirement in the Philippines. Chiropractor Palmdale Ca includes more about when to mull over it. Fascination with home rose by 70 per cent year-on-year in June and by 60 per cent in July. People buy property abroad for all different reasons but a depressing British summer is enough to initiate any international property buyer or investor into activity stated Collingz.