Pixel adverts change website marketing to offer free traffic

Pixel adverts change website marketing to offer free traffic

26th August 2005 witnessed the birth of a new era in internet-marketing. Alex Tew created a notion which might rewrite the nuances of web marketing and increase traffic like never before....and thus was born 'Pixel Advertising.' Alex Tew set up a website with one-million pixels of advertising space for $1 a pixel and use that money to pay for his education. His target - a million dollars. This so called 'ridiculous idea' ended up to become a 'brilliant idea' and as I write this article...the search for brilliant idea in google displays the website of Alex Tew within-the first three effects. Visit division to read the inner workings of this view. Pixel Advertisements have appeared with a bang and has provided a new meaning to 'Micro Advertisements' in particular and website marketing generally. Navigating To online marketing reviews probably provides tips you can give to your boss.

Alex Tew introduced his enthusiasm in August 2005 after thinking it-up at his home in U.K. His goal was to make a million dollars through the million pixels. His site features a grid of 10,000 boxes comprised of 10-0 pixels giving a location of around 4mm x 4mm each. The concept is that people can link the image for their site, place an image onto it and buy a 1 or more block/s of pixels. The fee at his site is $1 per pixel with no less than a 100 pixel order.

Pixel sites are internet websites that individuals have produced to-sell pixel advertising space to aid market other websites or blogs. The pixels are usually obtainable in 100-pixel 'blocks' (each measuring 10x10 pixels). Be taught extra resources about here by going to our pictorial essay. You'll see most homepages split into 10,000 of the 100-pixel blocks (hence there are 1,000,000 pixels as a whole). Internet Marketers have dabbled with traffic exchanges, advertising exchanges, link exchanges........and to increase the internet marketing strategy we now have a newborn in a Pixel Advertisements.

Since Alex Tew.... (the inventor of 'Pixel Adverts '), many internet sites attended into existence....and some are still cropping up. Some pixel web sites are just playing 'me-to' for the original idea of Alex Tew while there are other people who have created impressive changes within the entire idea. There are websites which are asking customers to click on a particular number of images and visit other websites on the site before their purchase order is processed. That of course...reminds you of traffic transactions which still offer free traffic with little effort. Then we have pixel web sites taking the style of link transactions and asking visitors to put up a link with their pixel internet site in exchange for a restricted amount of free pixels. There are pixel sites which are giving away free pixels with the expectation that they can get free traffic in the process. But, it goes without saying that there are some pixel promotion internet sites which are trying to sell pixels starting from 1 cent a pixel to $ 1 a pixel....and some of them are earning money.

The pixel advertising market will continue to advance with more and more pixel sites developing with revolutionary a few ideas enticing visitors to part with their money to buy a pixel or two. The results with this 'Pixel Advertising phenomenon' is hard to estimate. Perhaps...any of these three things can happen.... To get another interpretation, please consider taking a view at: new facebook ads.

1) People can come up with several interesting and innovative a few ideas according to pixel advertising to keep the pixel advertising industry going