9W B01 LED spot light for wonderful bathroom life

Sometimes we will worry about the bathe problem in winter, especially for children and old man as they are relatively afraid of cold. Now thanks to LED light supplier china, they have provide LED spot light specially which will give consumers comfort and convenience.


What the special characters of the LED spot light are that make it is unique in the bathroom? In generally, it is popular in every family for its convenience and comfort. Today we can have a look at it together and have a nice understand for it. The following is its features. Firstly, aluminum alloy DC12/AC85-265V, fine s and oxidation surface, bright silver/black as well as nice appearance and long service life give its confidence when it sold by its suppliers. Then we can have a look at another feature which is that it uses unique heat-dissipating design and thermal conductivity aluminum as heat-dissipating. Of course, tube light coming from T8 LED tube light suppliers has the same properties; however, it is not suitable in bathroom. In addition, they have the designed material to ensure the high heat-dissipating performance. Meanwhile, 60% energy-saving compared with traditional lights is unique. What's more, professional optical design will ensure the high light efficiency. In the end, long life span up to 30,000 hours makes its foundation for popularity. Finally, we can see the fully compliant with CE and RoHS standard.


As the Chinese saying goes that each has his own taste. LED lights have various types. You can buy LED flexible light strip for other uses too.