We provide all the material(including Automatic Cleaning Machine),Chemicals,Salts,and Activaction Powders for cleaning anti breeze, defaced banknotes. The machine for processing huge amounts Shall be made available on customer's demand only.




We also have stock of different chemicals, salts, Activaction powders and all other materials relative to cleaning defaced banknotes (all colors).



Available marterial include.



*Super ssd chemical solution

*super automatic ssd solution

*ssd chemical


*Activation powder

*SSD Solution

*Vectrol paste

*Tebi-Manetic solution

*Defaced currency

*Cleaning chemical

*Darkened currency

*Black coated notes

*Cleaning black money

*vectrol paste, SSD solution

*super automatic solution

*anti-breeze bank notes

*black marked currency

*black coated notes

*cleaning Black money.

*Anti-freezing Preparations and Prepared De-icing Fluids.

*cleaning chemical manufacturers

*ssd solution chemical suppliers

*ssd solution manufacturers

*black dollar cleaning chemical

*anti breeze currency




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Pakistan , 56000


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