Preparing for a Move? Here are Some Useful Moving Tips for You

Moving your home or office from one place to another always seems to cause additional anxiety and headaches. With an effective plan of action and proper execution you can avoid these stresses. We have provided below a few good tips to help you during your move.


> Before the movers arrive make sure everything is as clean and organized as possible.

> Tidy up before you depart and make sure you have transferred all of your services to your new place i.e. cable and internet service, electricity, lawn service, pest control etc.

> Dispose of any flammable items such as matches, pressurized cans, or gasoline before you start your move. It is unsafe to travel with these things.

> If the task begins to overwhelm you, seek out a professional moving company to assist you. Choose a company that is knowledgeable and has the right experience and tools to get the job done.

> Pack all your belongings in stackable boxes and tightly tape them shut. Make sure they are properly labeled to avoid any confusion at the destination.

> Remain available thru the entire packing process.

> Check the condition of your furniture and belongings before and after the move.

> Donate any old clothes, household goods, toys or any other unwanted items to a local charity. They usually offer a free scheduled pickup of items.

> Arrive at your new residence ahead of your movers, so that you can direct them where to place things.

Long Distance Movers

For an excellent moving checklist, click here.

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