Special List Of Maintenance Supplies by Rudy Silva

Maintenance supplies are instrumental in most business organizations and residential as they maintain orderliness and cleanliness and ensure safety particularly during emergency situation such as fire and flood hazards.

Among fire-safety supplies are sprinkler system installed on the ceiling or cylinders contained against the wall and covered with a glass. There are also gloves, eye protection, helmet, shoes, and coveralls that are all designed with fire resistance. These supplies are a must in all buildings whether they are hotels, condominiums, apartments, corporate offices, warehouses, industrial plants, malls, and other business type buildings.

They should also be present in residential houses. Sprinkler systems feature a fire alarm system, so that when smoke or fire occurs, the alarm will go off while the sprinkler will commence emitting water to put out the fire as much as it can.

Buildings where electrical or electronic products are manufactured should have extensive fire alarm system because the whole working place is vulnerable to fire.

Medical supplies are another type of maintenance supplies that must be included. Buildings or structures that are non-medical, non-chemical, and non-biohazard may not have an extensive supply for medical applications. It would suffice that they have first aid kits, which contain bandages, gauzes, anti-septic and anti-bacterial cleansing agent, and cotton.

Hospitals and laboratories need more extensive medical supplies such as mask, helmet with oxygen system, coverall suit, gloves, and specialized footwear. These supplies are especially made to protect the individual wearing them. In biohazard laboratories, employees are handling different chemicals with various levels of dangers. It is imperative that employees should not have contact with these substances.

Commercial cleaning companies of course are among the enterprises that have complete cleaning supplies depending on their niche. Some cleaning companies focus on one niche, 2 or more. Commercial cleaning services must have janitorial equipment, cleaning products, carpet cleaning supplies, and window cleaning.

Most of these cleaning supplies include minor cleaning equipment such as brushes, broom, mops, pails, ladder, and window wipers. Gears are cleaning boots, gloves, and masks. Carpet cleaning supplies are mostly vacuum cleaners and cleaning products because the carpet cleaning company focuses on one niche.

Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals have extensive maintenance supplies for cleaning because cleanliness is a rule that must be obeyed with absolution. It is among the criteria that clients scrutinize.

Residential homes also maintain cleaning supplies to ensure that everything in the house is clean and germ-free. Two areas in the house that must be kept clean and disinfected with germs and bacteria are kitchen and toilet and bathroom. Although harmful bacteria are found anywhere, they mostly lurk around kitchens and toilets.

The toilets are the most laborious place to clean if it is not maintained very well. Bowls from inside and out should be free from molds, algae, and dark spots. Tiles on the floor and wall must not have molds as well.

Kitchens need to be cleaned 100% because it is where food is prepared. Thus, among the maintenance supplies that must be abundant are cleaning products.