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Alan Manevitz, M.D. can be a Psychiatrist in Ny , where he has a private practice. Dr. Manevitz is often a clinical associate professor at Payne Whitney-Weill Cornell Hospital, an attending psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian and Lennox Hill Hospitals, and teaches with the Weill-Cornell Medical School.

Dr. Manevitz, psychiatrist NYC, may be named amongst the Top Doctors in the us by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., Nyc Times Super Doctors, Nyc Magazines Best Psychiatrists in Ny , and Best Doctors of America. adhd psychiatrist nyc
Dr. Manevitz is a leading psychiatrist in Nyc and recognized nationally for his clinical skills and excellence in helping patients who are not receiving full benefit for current treatments. Doing its job a psychiatrist in The big apple he is often asked by colleagues for consultation of tough to diagnose illnesses and new treatment systems for treatment resistant disease. He's recognized by patients and colleagues as the most internationally experienced clinical psychiatrists New Yorkproviders of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Psychiatrist NYC Dr. Manevitz biopsychosocial clinical treatment strategies incorporates classic treatments and synergizing innovative non-medication and medication treatments. He appears frequently in the news and is interviewed with a broad range of topics by leading newspapers and magazines. Dr. Manevitz has been a psychiatric consultant into a number of businesses, and has appeared on national financial networks to go over the psychology of the stock market and the irrationality of investor expectations.
Dr. Manevitz is acknowledged for his clinical skills and excellence in Marital, Family and Sex Therapy, complex issues involving medication (Advanced Psychopharmacology), and a spotlight Deficit Disorder (ADHD). He is also nationally and internationall