A frequently asked question these days – is how did I come to create With this post I hope to answer that question, let you in on some of my secrets and also hopefully inspire you. Since creating such a well known brand and popular blog, it has allowed me to team up with people and create a number of seriously profitable businesses such as Popup Domination, Site Profit Domination and Blog Creation Domination! Before creating, I had a few major websites – the young entrepreneurs website: and a web design blog which I sold for over $20,000 only 6 months after starting it. Both sites earned me good money, but nothing impressive. My ambition was to have a website that could earn me at least a 6 Figure income. With my other sites I had become very knowledgeable about blogging, about content generation and about getting heaps of quality traffic to my websites. I was also increasingly being asked by visitors to my websites about how to build a website like Looking back now at an amazing last 7 months or so I am in particular struck by something that I read in a survey about entrepreneurs recently: